R  - Resilience Innovation Skills Enterprise

Let's Go! -
Five day job search challenge
By completing the Let's go job search challenge you will be shown how to apply a proven technique that will attract the right opportunities aligned with your skills, abilities and goals

Let's Go! - Career kit
The tool kit will provide you with information and advice, top tips, tools and instructions to kick start your job search

Courage to succeed - Workshop
Explore what is holding you back, kick your limiting beliefs to the curb and emerge empowered with the courage to succeed

Effective Applications -Competency writing for professionals
Participants learn how to structure and prepare written and verbal situational behavioural competencies for effective applications and interviews.  

Inspired Action -Career and life skills coaching
As a result of inspired action coaching participants explore what is holding them back from achieving their goals and develop a strategy to move their career and life forward. 

CV/Resume Builder Service
Are you fed up with not receiving any replies to your application?

Does your CV/Resume pass the seven second rule

Rise! offers you a competively priced dynamique CV/Resume that matches your authentic talents to the opportunity and to get you positive results

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